The Advantages of Summer Homework and Reading Programs Revealed

Summer is here and along with it, the debate over whether assigning kids summer homework at the end of the year is good or bad. Parents are divided. Many feel that summer is a time for relaxation, having fun with family and friends, and forgetting about the rigors of a long school year. Other parents feel that you should have at least a minimal amount of homework over the summer so that you can be ready for the new year to begin and not forget everything you learned in the previous school year. Summer assignments are an ongoing debate with parents; however, a majority of parents do agree that implementing a summer reading program in their homes is necessary. Read on below for a few of the advantages of summer assignments and reading programs.

No Forgetting What You Learned

One of the top advantages of summer homework is the fact that the kids won’t be as apt to forget what they learned the previous year. Of course, you are going to have to do some serious nagging to get that homework done before the beginning of the next year. Many parents and teachers feel that over the long summer, kids tend to forget what they learned, having homework over the summer is a remedy for that.

Staying on a Schedule

If you have ever tried to get a child back on a school schedule after a long summer break, you already know about this advantage. Taking even an hour a day to do summer homework is said to help keep a child on a sort of schedule and help him be better prepared for the beginning of the next school year.

Helping to Prepare for the Next Year

A new trend, in high schools especially, is teachers expecting a report on the first day of school based on books they assigned for summer homework. An obvious advantage of this is that the summer homework helps to prepare children for the next year. Receiving an assignment from your new teacher prepares you for the expectations of the following year and the summer assignments give you a taste of your next grade level.

Whether you believe in summer homework or not, it has proven to help children retain information, stay on a schedule and prepare for the upcoming year- a little work in the summer goes a long way in the school year!

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