Kesher Receives Jewish Day School Enhancement Grant

Kesher is a proud recipient of the Jewish Day School Enhancement Grant distributed by the Greater Miami Jewish Federation (GMJF) / Center for the Advancement of Jewish Education (CAJE) Day School Committee. The Day School Enhancement Grants are school specific and focus on areas of need and growth identified by the individual schools.

The proposed program for which Kesher received the grant, focuses on student success through Social Emotional Learning (SEL) by enhancing key components of Social Thinking concepts. This program addresses the students’ social emotional skills, specifically in the area of social awareness. Many disabilities (Developmental Delays, ADHD, Autism Spectrum and even learning disabilities where processing is affected) affect a child’s set of Social Emotional skills. These skills affect a child’s social interactions, the lens with which he/she views the world, how he/she sets and manages goals, as well as how she/he interacts with others and views him/herself. Additionally, weaknesses in this area can affect a student’s academic skills as well. It can be said that Social Emotional skills are key factors in allowing student access into critical thinking, life skills and social competence.

The program will ensure Kesher staff members are trained in techniques needed to increase their students’ social awareness. Kesher has been a GMJF funded agency since its inception in 1995 and is very thankful to the GMJF and CAJE for their ongoing support of our school and children.

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